Thursday, February 2, 2012

An elegant modern wedding

All photos by Ron Shuller Creative Images Photography.

My sister-in-law Julie was married on October 1st in Cincinnati. (See the flip flop cupcakes I made for her wedding shower here.) Even though I was super, duper pregnant (due on October 16th) nothing short of my water breaking was going to keep me from going. We hit the road the day before in just enough time to make it to the rehearsal dinner. The nomally 5 hour drive turned into an 8 hour drive though when we realized after two hours on the road that we had left our wedding outfits (my dress and Dave's suit) at home! Asleep in the car I suddenly just sat up and screamed "Our clothes are in the closet!". Talk about serious Pregnancy Brain! We barely made it to the dinner, making it there just a minute or two before it started.

Julie and Joe were married at Alms Park in front of a pergola that framed an incredible view of the Ohio River. Weather in Ohio in October is very unpredictable to say the least. That day it was overcast and cold with rain threatening all day. When we arrived at the ceremony site it started to sprinkle and everyone started to worry that the sky would open up on us. More than ourselves though we were all really worried for Julie. We wanted her day to go off without a hitch, without a drop of rain on her parade! Just as I thought it was about to pour the ceremony started, everyone was distracted by the beautiful, glowing bride and then before you know it Joe was kissing the bride and it was all over before one drop even fell! Thank goodness!

Our nephews Cole and Jack were ushers and presented the rings during the ceremony. They looked so dapper in their tuxedos!

The reception was held at the Cincinnati Club. The club is a throw back to mens clubs of the past with an ornate staircase leading to the upstairs venue and decadent marble columns and floors. Elaborate lighting, decor and flowers transformed the cocktail and reception rooms into elegant spaces with a hip urban city vibe.

All the weddings I've ever been to have been during the summer. I was so excited for my first Fall wedding because I just love the rich, jewel tone hues that come with Fall and Winter weddings! (See my peacock inspired jewel toned wedding mood board here.) Julie's colors were dark gunmetal grey and a rich deep purple. So perfect! Dave and I dressed accordingly...

One thing that stood out as really unique and clever to me was the wedding cake. It was featured prominently in the middle of the floor at the beginning of the reception. After Joe and Julie were introduced they immediately did the whole "cutting the cake" scenario. I had never seen this done before and wondered why they decided to cut the cake right at the start of the night. Later I realized what a great idea it was when the cake was served promptly after dinner for dessert. Brilliant! Most weddings wait to cut the cake later in the night but at that point most people are too busy dancing, socializing or let's be honest too drunk to be interested in cake and it goes uneaten. I would definitely have done this at my wedding had I thought of  it!

Another really, really fab thing was the After Party held at a nearby martini bar! Oh how I wish I could have gone. Joe and Julie even went so far as to rent out part of the bar and have bottle service- so my thing! Julie and her friends even changed into cute party dresses. A martini bar, bottle service and an outfit change... so perfectly me, well me prior to having a baby anyway. Oh how times have changed! I thought maybe, just maybe I'd make it but who was I kidding? I barely made it past 9 pm, holding out just long enough to see the first dance and speeches. Ugh. I miss out on all the fun stuff. ;)

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All photos by Ron Shuller Creative Images Photography.

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  1. what a fairy tale wedding! I really like her color choice.