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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sand, Surf and Sanibel Sunshine

We're off to Sanibel, Florida soon for some much needed sun! Good thing since the first official day of Spring was last week and it seems that Ohio did not get the memo.

This will be Cam's second time on an airplane and first to Sanibel. It's gonna be a lot of fun since he's walking now and can dip his little toes in the sand and surf. I anticipate some great Kodak moments!

I'm not as anxious for this plane trip as I was the first time around. Guess I'm finally getting into the mom groove and realizing that it's gonna be what it's gonna be and no amount of worrying is going to make it good or bad. Of course we're hoping for the best and doing everything to make it go as smoothly as possible. We purchased a seat for Cam even though he still qualifies as a lap child. We just figured we'd give ourselves a break and not make things more uncomfortable and complicated than they already are when you're flying with a toddler. It's expensive but for us it's so worth it.

Of course I'll be loaded up with snacks, toys, games and those oh so important worst case scenario, death con 4, end of the rope items (bribes). You know what I mean- the ipad and lollipops. Our flight is about 4 hours total with a 45 minute plane transfer in between.

I have a full plan on how I'm going to fill each hour in an attempt to get through the whole ordeal with as little fussing (and let's hope no tantrums) as possible. It'll be interesting to see how things really turn out.

But for now... in an attempt to get away from all those craft posts I've been doing, I thought I'd post some old pics of Sanibel that I took in 2009. If you've never been there check out this post that I did about the island!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Quick Craft: Embellished plastic Easter eggs

This craft is so simple I feel a little silly doing a post on it since it's not a super interesting, new or unique idea but just thought I'd still share with you what I threw together for Cam's playgroup.

Just took some ribbon, hot glued it along the edge of where the egg opens and then popped on a felt flower. Since Cam and his friends are still too young for candy (all are 2 years or younger) I filled the eggs with fruit/veggie melts and goldfish.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Somewhere over the rainbow

St. Patrick's Day is this weekend so I came up with this cute yet super simple treat to give to Cam's little playgroup friends.

As with most things in crafting, my idea worked out perfectly in my head but when I put it all together in the treat bag it just didn't have the effect I was looking for.

The marshmallows and Rolo (cloud and pot o'gold) were loose and rolling around/moving out of place in the bag. Disappointed, I put the whole thing aside to mull over different ways of packaging it or even just scraping the idea and doing something different.

It occurred to me that if I could somehow seal the bag in the middle it would create two sides containing the marshmallows on one side and the Rolo on the other. It would also provide a bit of support for the sour rainbow ribbon.

After coming up with a few different ideas I realized that I could use an old vacuum food sealer thingy that we had sitting in our basement. It's pretty old but has never been used.

So I dug this puppy out from the depths of our basement.

It worked perfectly. I just stuck the bottom of the bag part way into the sealer and voila... instant divided treat bag! For the top I changed the color, clip art and text in the Illustrator file I used to create the paper toppers for my sister-in-law's baby shower.

Hope you all have a great weekend! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Damn you Punxsutawney!

I just started taking a photography class and this week we are supposed to bring in a few photos that didn't quite work out how we intended to critique and discuss. I've got a ton of those to choose from so as I was sifting through them I came across this photo. It was taken at Stan Hywet Hall  last summer. I like it or dare I say, I love it! It's just so Springy and happy, full of color and life that I thought I'd share it (again) since March here in Ohio has definitely come in like a Lion!

The last two days however have been sunshine-y perfection! I've gotten more done in the last two days than I have in the last two weeks. It's sad how much the weather influences ones mood. Unfortunately I'm basking in the last of those cold but energizing rays because a snow storm is currently making its way toward us, soon to blanket our reality with a layer of cold, mood killing slop.Grrr.

Mid-February and the entire month of March is NEVER a great time for me. I'm totally over winter by then but there's six solid weeks of it left. And that stupid groundhog. So sick of him always coming out and saying that Spring will come early and it never does. Why does he toy with our emotions like that? Why do we even listen to him? He's a big fat rodent for goodness sake!

So I'm just hanging in there. Soon Spring will have sprung and there will be light and sunshine, warm breezy afternoons and days spent playing outside or splashing in the pool. Soon....

My Valentine's Day Footprints card was featured on Vanessa Lachey's website this Valentine's Day. I was really excited by this because I gotta admit I kinda stalk her and Nick. Ha! It's just that we have a few things in common. Nick is from Cincinnati, my husband went to college and lived/worked there for many years. She's half Filipino (I'm Filipino!). They named their baby Camden and we named ours Cameron. We both live in Ohio. He's a pop star and she's a model and we... well Dave can screech out a tune or two and I can definitely strike a cheesy pose! Check the link on her blog. It's just a photo of my card with a small, obscure link at the bottom but hey, it's still there.

My Toothfairy Pillow was also featured on Tip Junkie, a site that features tips, crafts and DIY. So neat when people like my little ole crafts enough to re-post about them! :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Day lollipop cards

Saturday I was finally able to finish up Cameron's Valentine's Day cards and get them in the mail! 
Here's the final product!

I know this Valentine's card idea is not very original (it's all over Pinterest right now) but when I saw it I knew that's what I wanted to do. I guess the original/challenging part of the whole thing was attempting to get a 15 month old to 1. stand still for one second, 2. hold his arm out to the side, 3. look somewhat pleasant. Most of the cards I've seen have older kids on them. But I'm a sucker for a challenge and I want what I want so of course I set about torturing myself to get it done.

I did at least 10 mini photo shoots with Cam just trying to capture him in the right position. At first I tried to get one of him standing (to show off his new walking skills) but quickly realized it was never going to happen. So then I isolated him in a chair and handed him the lollipop, hoping to catch a shot with his arm stretched out and reaching for it. Getting him to do that was easy but getting him to do that and look into the camera and smile was again, NEVER going to happen. So eventually I just gave him the lollipop and let him have at it, hoping I'd come up with something.

This is the mediocre shot I came up with (I Photoshopped out the lollipop). It kind of works but it was still not what I wanted. I was just going to go with it when a week later I realized that I could take video footage of him and from that take a still picture of one frame. (I used my iPhone5 to take the video. You can easily take a still pic from video by scrolling to the frame you want and pressing the lock and home buttons at the same time. Click here for more detailed instructions and a visual.)

This made it so much easier since I just handed him the lollipop and/or treat while he sat in a chair and hoped that I could find a frame that I could use. (In the pic we ended up using Cam is holding a Goldfish cracker in his hand which worked out perfectly since I didn't have to Photoshop out a lollipop.) It took four videos to FINALLY come up with the shot I used on the card. It's not crystal clear because it's a still shot of a frame from video but I think it's soooooo much better than the one I was going to use! 

So that's it peeps. That's how you get a one year old to strike a pose for you!


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