Our Wedding

Dave and I were married at Firestone Winery in Los Olivos, CA (45 minutes north of Santa Barbara). These are some of the amazing wedding photos taken by Ian Grant Photography. 

 The ceremony was held under a gorgeous oak tree in a field adjacent to the winery that overlooked their vast expanse of grapevines. It was just perfect, amazing and breathtaking!

The guests were bussed from Santa Barbara to the winery on the day of the wedding. Greeting them as they arrived was a table with refreshing sparkling fruit juices and, for those who wanted to get the party started early, an amazing sangria. Delish!

For party favors I decided on custom pocket tissue holders, made in the colors of the wedding- green and brown. I had the wedding coordinator place them on each of the seats at the ceremony. A perfect spot for them since we expected oceans of tears from our families. I made the first couple samples and then sent them to my mom who sewed all the rest for us. Thanks mom!

The antique car was a last minute add when I realized I didn't have a way to get from the winery main house to the ceremony site. It ended up being a really nice touch and surprisingly one detail that a lot of people remember from the day.

After the ceremony we had everyone gather underneath the tree for a group photo. So fun! Then everyone loaded back onto the shuttle bus and headed over for the cocktail hour held in the winery tasting room.

Dinner was held in the Barrel Room, a room right off of the tasting room that was hidden from view behind two large oak doors. When it was time for dinner the doors were swung open to reveal the gorgeous setting. It was such a thrill to hear and see our guest's reactions when the doors opened.

All the gorgeous flowers for my wedding were done by my friend Klaudia. She is so very talented, thanks Klaude! After dinner everyone moved to the adjacent outdoor terrace for more drinking, dancing and the yummy candy bar and cake!

Instead of bringing in a photo booth, we went with a photo area using rustic doors on the terrace as a backdrop. We set the camera up on a tri-pod with a remote control, had two lights and a projector that projected the images that were just taken up onto a nearby wall. It was so much fun and everyone seemed to really love it. We got the idea from a friends wedding we had attended a few years before. It was such a great idea that when we got engaged we immediately decided to have the same thing at our wedding.

So that's it, our wedding in a nut shell. There's so much more that I plan to post about in the future. Stuff like- other sites we considered, party favor options, design/color options, ceremony programs, centerpieces..so much stuff that I didn't end up using!

Click here to view a complete slide show of our wedding!

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  1. I love it!! I wish my wedding was that romantic! Absolutely dreamy and nice photos! x