Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wedding inspiration board- Art Deco & Peacock Feathers

The very first place I considered having my wedding at was Casa Del Mar located right on the beach in Santa Monica. (Read the post about my wedding location search here!) Built in the 1920's the hotel has been fully restored to its full Art Deco glory! It is truly a gorgeous venue and lends itself perfectly to a Art Deco/Peacock/Art Nouveau type wedding.

I thought it was THE place for sure. That is until I found out that the food and beverage minimum, regardless of the size of your party, is $30,000 for a Friday or Saturday night. Um... no thank you. But of course the day after I saw it and before I had a chance to price it out I had already in my mind and on my laptop started dreaming up an inspiration board for it.

Here's the board I started before my dream was abruptly interrupted... $30K yikes!


  1. Beautiful board! A peacock themed wedding inspires such elegance. That dress is so beautiful!

  2. Beautiful! We did a loose theme that pulled from both art deco and old hollywood glamour. Well, I shouldn't say "we" when my husband was like, "What's art deco?", but you know what I mean. :-)

  3. Ooooo you might really like this:

    I just saw it this morning and fell in love, then I saw your post and it was same theme.