Sunday, April 8, 2012

Oh My Amish!

So. Excited.

Just booked a two hour historical tour of Ohio Amish Country for me and my BFF Paige who is coming to visit this week! I know, whatta buncha nerds huh? For some strange reason we've both always been obsessed with all things Amish.

So since she's coming to Ohio for the very first time we thought we'd go big and take over Amish Country! I've been there a couple times since moving here 3 years ago but have only did some shopping.The tour includes a ride in a buggy. Soooooo exciting! A ride in an Amish buggy, I mean it just doesn't get any more Amish than that!

They actually have tours where you can have dinner with an Amish family in their home and then after dinner you get to hang out and ask questions! Now that would be so amazing! Unfortunately though that tour doesn't start running for a few weeks so we had to settle for the historical tour. Will put up a post of all the amaze balls pics I hope to take and of course a summary of what we learned and our sure to be hilarious and crazy adventures in Amish Country!

**Read the post about our Amish adventure here!**

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