Friday, April 27, 2012

A little fishy

We've got a natural on our hands people! My little Cameron is a swimmer. I know he's only 6 months old but he really seems to have taken to the water. He's the youngest one in his class (all the other kids are 1 or 2) yet he doesn't cry at all, even when he first gets into the cold pool water. Every week there's always one kid (or two or three) who cries through the whole class. I suppose you could argue that he's too little to know any better and the older kids know that they have a choice to be in the cold water or not but even so, I hope that since we're starting so early he won't cry even when he realizes there's a choice. Only time will tell.

Anyhoo... here are a few pics from class. Every week the bleachers are filled with moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas all taking pics, video, waving and cheering. It all makes for quite a chaotic class with the kids crying, family snapping away from the bleachers and parents trying to teach their little ones to blow bubbles or hold onto the wall. Lucky it's only 20 minutes long!

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