Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gettin' there...

So of course I've planned to document my belly growth from month to month but until just recently, 5 months to be exact, I really didn't have much to show. We took a photo at 16 weeks but I didn't think it was enough to post! BUT now that I have a burgeoning lil bump to show off I can post my 16 week pic for comparison.

It's kind of weird... not at all what I thought my belly would look like at 5 months. I guess I just pictured more of a low, round bulge not the high, flat-ish bump that it is but I'm sure in another month it'll transform into a big round belly. :)

*See my full progression in this post**

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  1. (Waves to the little baby inside!!) :-) Your transformation will be exciting to watch. Blessings :)