Friday, May 20, 2011

The good, the bad and the ugly

Now that I've let the cat or actually the babe outta the bag you know why I've been slacking on my posts for the last few months- I have all things baby on the brain!

I'm a complete baby novice. A total Bethanny Frankel if you will (except I consider myself good crazy and she is definitely bad crazy). I've never held a newborn or even a baby younger than 9 months. I've never changed a diaper. (Of course I've seen it done many times but have never actually done it myself.) Never burped a baby or fed a baby a bottle or even baby food for that matter. I'm a mess. A real candidate for that show Pregnant in Heels, although I would never consider myself in the same company as those women who all seem to be nasty, self serving, out of touch queens.

I have just never been a huge baby person. I never thought I wanted kids until I was in my early thirties. That was when I realized that maybe it was something I wanted to do. And really it took until just recently (like right before we started trying) for me to know that I definitely wanted children. So, ya see I've pretty much gone my whole life avoiding kids and avoiding learning and hearing about all the nasty bits and pieces about having them and raising them. I know, I know... children are a gift and all the nasty is worth it. I ABSOLUTELY BELIEVE THIS but I'm an information person- I need to know the deal, the entire deal. And because I automatically know that all the good/joy they bring to your life is immeasurable I search out what people don't tell you- the bad and the ugly.

So once we decided that we were actually going to "do this" I hit the books and the web. Everyday I force myself to watch the latest round of "babies being born" shows on TV and have even gone to the web for the really graphic nasty videos. To me it's better to know more than necessary than to go in just "hoping for the best". Up next are some classes- CPR, new parent and lamaze.

All in all I feel pretty prepared and everyday I learn something new about my lil baby. I suppose that once the baby is born that's something that'll happen for the rest of my life. That thought couldn't make me any happier. I can't wait!

**On another note, I guess this blog just got itself a new category: Baby. I don't intend it to turn into a full on mommy blog but I'm sure a lot of my posts will be baby centric. Moms just can't help it I suppose. :) But no worries, I still plan on posting about everything else that I love- decorating, fashion, crafting and of course my beloved reality shows. (Of which I haven't posted recently since I don't currently have a favorite obsession. Sorry Housewives of NYC you bored the hell outta me!)


  1. Congrats! I am not much of a baby person either, but I assume some of your instinct will kick in :).

  2. that picture describes my life the past 2.5 years! HAH.
    it's definitely worth every sleepless night. but believe me... your mind will wander to "what the hell were you thinking" during those sleep deprived 2 am feedings!

    I posted Stones Birth Story (which has a few graphic to much info tidbits)...

    Hope you're pregnancy is treating you well!!
    You look great! My belly was like an alien. LOL.