Friday, April 29, 2011

Pip pip cheerio!

In honor of the Royal Wedding I thought I'd put up a few pics of the trip we took to London for our honeymoon in August 2009. We have all the typical touristy photos that most everyone has when they visit London so I thought I'd add a few atypical shots.

 Of course you have to have the requisite red telephone box shot!

 Tower Bridge

 The skies were dark and tumultuous most of the time we were in London.

...and another requisite shot of Big Ben.

 One odd thing we noticed was that there weren't any
trash cans anywhere along the streets but they did have
a place for your gum and butts on every corner! Strange.

 The Anchor, an old historic pub that was rebuilt in 1676 after a fire, is located on the
south bank of the Thames down the way from Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.

 Just had to take a picture of this sign located near the
Prince Albert memorial in Hyde Park. Not sure what the 
heck it's supposed to mean!? Caution alien crossing?

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  1. I love London! Great photos, you really capture the London experience with the red telephone booths and the iconic buildings.