Thursday, April 28, 2011

Make a fab fascinator in celebration of the Royal Wedding!

Yep, I'm one of "those" people obsessed with the Royal Wedding. I love Kate Middleton! She's everything I think a princess should be- classic, beautiful, fresh and elegant. I can't wait to see all the pomp and circumstance, the fashion, hats, jewels, crowns and the dress!

In honor of Kate I thought I'd make one of her favorite accessories- the fascinator hat. I love these little hats but unless you're British royalty you really can't pull off just randomly wearing one of these lovely, crazy pieces. However, what better time than now to make one of these fun hats and sport it while watching the Royal Wedding.

The design of my fascinator was inspired by this Kate Middleton piece:

Using a thick and stiff piece of black felt I cut an oval out. Then I cut a slit in one end, overlapped the edges of the slit and glued them together with a glue gun. This creates a curve in the felt piece so that it forms to your head.

Earlier I made a trip to my local craft store to pick up a bag of feathers. I ended up getting these feather cuffs because I liked the fullness and floppiness of the feathers and I especially like the varied lengths of the feathers.

I got this black tulle flower pin on a sweater I purchased a few years back. I thought I'd use it on the front of the fascinator to break up the look of the feathers.

I started by gluing one of the feather cuffs to the front of the felt oval. (The front is the end that you cut the slit in and glued.) The second feather cuff I glued behind the first.

Then I just pinned my tulle flower brooch to the front of feathers. I didn't glue it down because I wanted to have the option to use it later.

Next I cut five strips of felt out and attached each end of each strip to the back of the feather piece. I glued three horizontally down the middle and two vertically along the sides. Using bobby pins I will use these strips to help secure the fascinator to my head.

Voila! You're done. It's that fast and easy. A fab fascinator head piece to wear while you sip tea and watch the Royal Wedding. Enjoy and pip pip cheerio!

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  1. Your hat is awesome!! I also love the crazy Brit hats and wish we wore things like that to fancy occasions. I went to a wedding recently, and a girl there was wearing a somewhat mini version of a Kate-esque hair piece, so maybe it will become a trend and we'll start seeing them more stateside. Fingers crossed-lol!

  2. So cute! I am most looking forward to all the extravagant fascinators!