Friday, April 1, 2011

First National Bank commercial

I'm not sure why I'm even putting this up because it's actually kind of embarrassing but it's funny and you know what they say- if you can't laugh at yourself...  So here it is, the First National Bank commercial that I was recently in. Yes, little ol' me was in a commercial. Not a real commercial (a national spot) but just a regional commercial airing only in Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio but nevertheless, it's a commercial, my first one and it's hilarious!

Hilarious because all I can do whenever I see it is just cringe and laugh out loud. I knew I was going to feel very awkward when I saw it and I definitely do. Awkward and critical. I think I look funny and the height difference between me and the other actress is just too much! It's definitely like hearing your recorded voice and going, "That's what I sound like?" When you see yourself in a video or on TV you think- "Ugh, that's what I look like?".

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