Thursday, May 17, 2012

7 Months Old!

Yesterday was Cameron's 7 month birthday! Of course we celebrated with a little mini cake that he actually picked out himself. I'm not kidding, he really did pick it. I held up three cakes- chocolate, vanilla and rainbow and he actually looked at each of them for a few seconds and then reached over and pounded the top of the rainbow cake! (He just knew it coordinated with his birthday hat.) Of course, he doesn't actually eat the cake- that's my job (It's rough I tell ya!). I gotta say that I really wanted the chocolate turtle cake but he picked the rainbow one so what could I do, it was his birthday after all. :)

Grandma was on hand for the momentous celebration!

Look at that face! That's a face that says- "Mom, this has got to stop!"

For the record... I took two bites of his cake and that was plenty! It was like eating a sugar cube. Can't imagine having a child eat the entire thing, they'd be swinging from the rafters!


  1. awe thats so cute that he picked out his own cake! and Happy 7 months Cameron!

  2. Love it! Especially his "this has got to stop" face.

  3. He sucks his thumb, that is too cute!