Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jason Wu for Target

I have never really shopped for clothes at Target but instantly fell in love with all the pieces featured in the commercial for Jason Wu's new line.

My fav looks from Jason Wu's line for Target.

Jason Wu is a high end fashion designer who shot to stardom when he was tapped to design the dress Michelle Obama wore to the Presidential inaugural ball.

Since I was due for my weekly trip there I thought I'd swing by the apparel department and check it out.

They only had one dress from the commercial at the Target I was at. While I loved the design and shape of it I was surprised at how cheap feeling and looking the fabric was. I know that this is a line in Target and that you "get what you pay for" but you could definitely find a similar dress at a better price (and possibly better fabric) at Forever 21 or H&M. Or for the same price or a little more you could find something similar at Macy's (my all time favorite shopping spot nowadays). Jason Wu for Target dresses range from $30 to $60 with separates running from $20 to $40. Perhaps that one particular dress was a dud, the other pieces could be better?

Oddly enough, I found this pic of Michelle Obama sporting this exact dress from the Target collection! How funny! Looks great on her. Like how she paired a red belt with it and put it over the cardigan. (I know, she looks crazy in this pic. It's actually a screen grab from a video that someone then put along side the Target dress/info.)

Even though my Jason Wu experience was a bust, all was not lost... I found some really cute dresses right next to the Jason Wu stuff by Mossimo, Merona and Xhiliration (regular Target brands). These dresses were all around $20 I think and felt and looked much better than the one Jason Wu dress that I saw.

Check these out. Super cute for Spring and Summer!

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