Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My kind of town...

I ♥ Chicago!

We took our first trip to Chicago last June over my birthday weekend and just loved it. It was urban yet professional and very clean, I mean really, surprisingly clean! Of course we rode our favorite red double-decker bus which took us everywhere we wanted to go.

Me and Dave on the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier. It was really 
windy that day so the cage was blowing from side to side! :(

The famous corncob towers (Marina City)! These towers have condos on the top 2/3, a spiral parking garage on the lower 1/3 and a boat dock and marina on the bottom, river level! You can store your boat, car  and live all in the same building. The building also contains restaurants, a concert hall, bowling alley and other retail shops.

The bean! Love this thing. It's so random. Love the juxtapostion of its smooth, flowing and shiny surface against the rigid angles of the buildings behind it. It's official name is Cloud Gate and it is located in Millennium Park.

At the top of the Sears Tower (known nowadays as Willis Tower but everyone still calls it the Sears Tower) is the Sky Deck. Dave is not a happy camper when it comes to heights but he was a good sport and went with me all the way to the top- 103 floors, 1353 feet in the air!

I might look comfortable but I'm pretty freaked out! I slowly shuffled my way out to this position. Notice the little girl just hanging out, not afraid at all.  Kids were the only ones who didn't freak out or at the least take a moment before stepping onto the glass. No inhibitions at all, they were jumping up and down on the glass, laying or sitting  down and staring straight down to the street. Guess they didn't have the same visual in their minds of the glass ripping away from the building and plunging to the ground that I did. Ignorance is bliss.

Dave mustered up enough nerve to shimmy part way out onto the glass. 
(His left arm is holding onto the wall.)

Of course we had to have some Chicago style deep dish pizza. It was... different. 
Very much more of a casserole type dish than pizza. We both prefer thin crust.


  1. When I was there, an entire class of preschoolers on a field trip were jumping up and down in that glass box that hangs a million miles in the air... I was about to have a stroke!

  2. What a great trip ~ I love Chicago, and great pics!