Thursday, February 10, 2011

Deux chaise redux

Sorry about the title (Two chair redux), trying to work in the French wherever I can. I know that it doesn't really make sense but I like the way that "deux" and "redux" look together and how the whole thing sounds (with a French accent of course). Anyhoo...

Design Sponge has been one of my favorite websites for the last couple of years. I love that people take old, out of date things and turn them into cool, usable current pieces. It's fun to do, good for the environment and good on the wallet too! We recently dabbled in a chair makeover experiment ourselves, here's what we came up with.

I found this little gem for $11 at my local Good Will shop.

This chair was Dave's grandmother's and had been sitting in his parents basement for years. 
They were kind enough to donate it to our chair experiment.


A few behind the scenes pics:

After getting it home I ripped it completely apart throwing away the seat cushion and fabric. Next I had Dave sand and prime it and then paint it with black flat satin paint while I cut the new foam cushion, batting and fabric to fit. Upholstering the seat cushion was super simple, just align the fabric, batting and cushion and staple away. The seat back required me to make 5 covered buttons which I picked up from the craft store.

Voila! One cute, simple cane barrel chair perfect for the bedroom. Not too bad for first timers...

Truth be told though, I think the contrast of the black and the light fabric I chose is too much. I think we should have painted the chairs white like this chair from Navy Bean or I should have choose a colored fabric or fabric with black accents in it like this chair from Little Bits of Bliss. All in all I think it was a good first effort, perhaps in the Spring I'll transform them again. That's the great thing about free/Goodwill furniture- you don't have any reservations about experimenting with them!


  1. Wow! What a transformation! Love the fabric that you picked out! How long did the whole thing take?

  2. Those look amazing! I love redux-ing (loved the title) old chairs!

  3. Did not take long at all. Sanded, painted the chairs one day, upholstered cushions while they dried and then assembled the next day. Super simple and easy to do!

  4. These chairs look amazing. I love the fabric choices.

  5. You did an amazing job! I have tried to reupholster something before and I did a terrible job!