Friday, January 29, 2016

80's TV Cabinet to Cute Kiddie Kitchen

You know you're a junker when your neighbors randomly drop things off at your door or in this case, roll a beat up, ugly, old 80's cabinet up your driveway and into your garage.

That's the story behind this thing.

It was either going to be a dress up wardrobe/closet or a play kitchen. I decided on kitchen because at the time I only had my son who was definitely NOT into dressing up. (He still hates it. He'd wear PJ's all day, everyday if he could.)

Before I even started work on it I had grand visions of me making these kiddie kitchens for profit. I mean, these things are practically falling from the sky. You can find them listed for FREE on craigslist, at garage sales for $10 or less, cluttering up curb sides every garbage day or hey, one might even be rolled right up your driveway right into your crafty hands!

Hours of sanding and painting in the humidity of July in Ohio changed my mind quickly. They may be falling from the sky but they certainly require a TON of work to convert them into something cute and usable.

So let's get to the logistics-
The whole thing cost me around $50. I used whatever paint we had in our garage. The base color is the color of our living room walls (it looks white but it's a light grey), the turquoise and grey are accent colors in my son's room.The $50 was spent on the faucet fixtures, wash bowl, sheet metal for fridge door, wood sheet backing, door handles, stove knobs and fabric for curtains.

It took about 3 weeks to get this guy up and running. Three. Long. Weeks. Of hard ass labor. So if you're thinking about doing something like this don't think you're gonna throw it together in one weekend. Of course, I didn't work on it everyday during that time and when I did I was taking care of my two kids at the same time so there's that to consider. If it was just you and only you then maybe you could knock it out in a weekend.

In the end it was of course worth it! My kids as well as every kid who comes over to play love it so much.

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