Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Damn you Punxsutawney!

I just started taking a photography class and this week we are supposed to bring in a few photos that didn't quite work out how we intended to critique and discuss. I've got a ton of those to choose from so as I was sifting through them I came across this photo. It was taken at Stan Hywet Hall  last summer. I like it or dare I say, I love it! It's just so Springy and happy, full of color and life that I thought I'd share it (again) since March here in Ohio has definitely come in like a Lion!

The last two days however have been sunshine-y perfection! I've gotten more done in the last two days than I have in the last two weeks. It's sad how much the weather influences ones mood.
Unfortunately I'm basking in the last of those cold but energizing rays because a snow storm is currently making its way toward us, soon to blanket our reality with a layer of cold, mood killing slop.Grrr.

Mid-February and the entire month of March is NEVER a great time for me. I'm totally over winter by then but there's six solid weeks of it left. And that stupid groundhog. So sick of him always coming out and saying that Spring will come early and it never does. Why does he toy with our emotions like that? Why do we even listen to him? He's a big fat rodent for goodness sake!

So I'm just hanging in there. Soon Spring will have sprung and there will be light and sunshine, warm breezy afternoons and days spent playing outside or splashing in the pool. Soon....


My Valentine's Day Footprints card was featured on Vanessa Lachey's website this Valentine's Day. I was really excited by this because I gotta admit I kinda stalk her and Nick. Ha! It's just that we have a few things in common. Nick is from Cincinnati, my husband went to college and lived/worked there for many years. She's half Filipino (I'm Filipino!). They named their baby Camden and we named ours Cameron. We both live in Ohio. He's a pop star and she's a model and we... well Dave can screech out a tune or two and I can definitely strike a cheesy pose! Check the link on her blog. It's just a photo of my card with a small, obscure link at the bottom but hey, it's still there.

My Toothfairy Pillow was also featured on Tip Junkie, a site that features tips, crafts and DIY. So neat when people like my little ole crafts enough to re-post about them! :)

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