Saturday, August 4, 2012

3 years and 9 months

A few days ago, August 1, Dave and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary! How'd we celebrate? Well, we spent the day in Pittsburgh tracking down details of David's family history at town municipal buildings and the county courthouse. Might not sound fun to you but we love this kinda stuff! Then, as a treat to me since Dave HATES this place, we topped it all off with a visit to Ikea! Playing history detectives and shopping at Ikea- sounds like a perfect way to spend an anniversary to me! :) As for gifts... he got me a fab Dooney & Burke leather saddle bag and I got him his much coveted Zoku quick popsicle maker. Posts on these amaze balls items to follow soon!

In a week and a half we're off to Dave's family reunion in Lake Tahoe hence the history hunting and genealogy work. I am super nervous and anxious about Cam's first time flying, especially because it's such a long flight! I've gotten a lot of tips and tricks from friends and have read many, many baby blogs about it. I think I'm prepared as far as having a game plan, strategy and back up plan but mentally, ugh, I am NOT looking forward to it and just hoping, hoping, hoping we catch him on a good day!

So the history/genealogy stuff was fun but the highlight for me was of course IKEA! I know I've already said this but I LOVE Ikea. I know, I know- it's cheap stuff but for someone who loves to change, re-decorate and re-paint as often as I do I think some of the stuff is perfect for what I need at that moment! I'm not really one looking to keep my furniture for the next 20 years.

Poor Cam had been stuck in his car seat or stroller all day. At one point I let him spend half an hour crawling around the car just so he could be free for a bit! Once we got to Ikea we let him loose on a few of the beds- oh yeah we're "those" people (I made sure to straightened everything out after we were done though because well, it's the right thing to do and I'm OCD like that). He loved the kids section where he obsessed over this toy which put him into such a trance that he sat on that little chair at the table until we swept him away from it! Of course he cried his little eyes out and we ended up getting it and the little table/chairs for him. I have plans to paint the table and chairs, it's gonna be sooooo cute.

Life has been so busy since my little one started crawling. Just last week, within a 4 day period, he sat up on his knees, then started pulling himself up to standing and now even kind of side steps along the couch! Unbelievable how fast that happened for him! His 9 month birthday just flew by! I did get a chance to buy him a cake and took a few pics which didn't turn out too great but man, is it hard to keep him still for one second. So here's a very belated Happy 9 Month Birthday to my baby, so late it's almost time for your 10 Month Birthday which we will celebrate in Reno, NV! How fun!

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