Friday, July 13, 2012

Project: Pinterest

Like everyone else I love me some Pinterest! Unlike most people though, I don't let myself just pin away hoarding hundreds of crafts, design and fashion photos or recipes. No, my OCD nature won't let me just pin at random. I try to only pin things that I know I'll attempt to make or take inspiration from. I mean who needs just another list or "board" of things waiting to be done?

There are millions of recipes online that people pin and re-pin but how many people really make any of it? I see so many of those funny ecards that say things like "Honey, could you pick up a pizza for dinner? I'm too busy pinning recipes on Pinterest." My point exactly! Just because something looks yummy does not mean I'm pinning it. I actually look at the recipe and discern whether or not I'll  be able to or will want to go out of my way to make it.

So I've decided to start this series, Project Pinterest, to keep me on track and motivated to continue trying all those recipes and crafts that I pin. I even made a fancy schmancy logo for it. (Okay so it's not that fancy or schmancy but the fact that I actually took the time to put something together gets me an E for effort right?)

Anyhoo... enough about my pinning habits. Here are my reviews of a few recipes that I've tried. I'll rate them using the nummy factor with three nummies (yes, there's a plural version of nummy) being the highest, most yummiest score.

Smashed Chickpea & Avocado Salad- no Nummies for this... sorry :(
This recipe looks and sounds so delish but truthfully when I put it together it totally grossed me out. It ended up being pretty much like guacamole. So a big ole glob of guac sandwiched between two pieces of bread... not my fave combo.

Slow cooker salsa chicken3 Nummies!
Salsa chicken was a big hit with my husband. You just simply dump a few ingredients in a crock pot with chicken and you're done. Simple and yummy. I put it over white rice but I also saw that other people wrapped it up in tortillas, that could be good too.

Creamy lemon pasta- 1 Nummy
This dish wasn't horrible but it wasn't so good that I'd go out of my way to make it again. It really didn't taste like anything but garlic to me. Unlike an oil based sauce the cream sauce ended up being absorbed by the pasta so after sitting for a bit it ended up being on the dry side.

Anyone else out there have any Pinterest recipes that they've tried? I'd love to here about the Nummy stuff so I can give 'em a try! Would love to hear about the not so good stuff too... just because I know there'd be a funny story or some great sarcastic writing involved in the telling of it! ;)


  1. I've actually made quite a few Pinterest recipes. When I try the, I move the. To a board I have called Pinterest, I tried it! And add my reviews in the comments. I only hang onto the good ones

    1. That's a great idea. Going to check out your board right now! :)