Monday, January 31, 2011

My favorite vintage dresses!

The sky is blue, the sun is out and it's got me in a Spring cleaning kinda mood! While cleaning out and organizing my closet I re-discovered my vintage dress collection. Over the years I've collected vintage dresses here and there. Some were my mom's, some I've come across in thrift and vintage stores and a few were given to me. Inspired by the sunshine I donned each dress and did a mini fashion show for my cat Boo Kitty. Here are my favorites...

 This dress was my mom's from the 60's. You can't tell from
the pic but it's made of gorgeous velvet! Of course what
makes the whole dress is the groovy embroidered band.
I just love that my mom wore it to some chic event all
those years ago and now I have it to enjoy.

 I found this at a thrift store and just had to buy it even 
though I had no idea where I would ever wear an orange
crocheted dress. As soon as I saw it I knew it would fit me 
perfectly. I'm a really miniature person so it's hard to 
find anything vintage that fits so to find this was a true 
treasure! (Boo Kitty said that this was his favorite.)

Picked up this dress at a vintage store. It was way, way too
big for me but I just loved the lace top and the cut of it.
My mom tailored it to fit me, re-lining the lace, chopping
the hem and taking it in all over. Thanks mom! (Please 
excuse my random shoes in this pic. I just realized 
that I forgot to change them to coordinate with the dress.)

This dress isn't truly vintage like the first three. I guess it's
new vintage, if that even makes sense. It's a Bebe dress 
from the early 90's. A gal I used to work with gave it to me. 
I can't remember where she said she got it but she gave 
it to me because I was the only person she knew who 
would fit into it.

This dress isn't vintage at all but I think it kinda looks
70's bohemian and I sewed it myself so I thought I'd 
throw it in here.  I made this dress out of a sarong that 
my cousin brought me from the Philippines. I thought
the fabric was gorgeous but the sarong itself was so
big it wrapped around me twice. So I hacked it up 
and came up with this design. I've never worn it 
because I'm not exactly sure where to wear it but I 
think it's pretty cute for my very first attempt at 
sewing a piece of clothing.

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