Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sanibel Island: instant cure for the winter doldrums

Since my mood is as cold and icy as the mounds of snow piled up outside my window I thought a post about our trip to sunny Sanibel Island, Florida last spring would help lighten my mood and remind me that my friend the sun does in fact still exist.




If you've never been to Sanibel Island, Florida then I suggest you put it on your list. Located only a short drive from popular Ft. Myers beach, it's a world away from the chaos of most public Florida beaches.

Thankfully there are no overpopulated, raunchy beaches here. If you're looking for hot chicks, bars, clubs and a crazy night of drinking and dancing you won't find it here either. Nope, there's definitely none of that. Not even close. Sanibel is a family friendly island. Made up of mostly grandparents, grand children and not much else in between.

Sanibel is an island meant for relaxing and spending time with your family. REAL time with your family. It's a place where you spend your days combing and relaxing on the beaches or taking a leisurely stroll or ride on the bike paths. Where you spend the evenings enjoying the sunset or a lovely dinner outside and the rest of the evening talking, playing games or even just.....sitting.

Known internationally for it's shell lined shores, Sanibel is a mecca for shell lovers attracting thousands of people doing the famous Sanibel Stoop. The name refers to those shellers either bent over at the waist or stooped down peering into the waters, sifting through the shells- you'll see that almost everyone gets caught up in the motion. Sanibel gets it's title as one of the best shelling beaches in the world because of its geographic placement. While most islands are situated North to South, Sanibel lies East to West making it's shores prime ground for catching shells brought inland by the tides.


  1. Sounds like a nice place to go!

  2. Gorgeous photos and beautiful blog!

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    you should write for a travel company! that just sounds too perfect.