Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hey there! I'm a mom to two little ones. Like all moms, I spend my days doing all the logistical things that kids require and most of my time just trying to teach them to be good little human beings. The few moments I do have to myself I keep my mind sane and busy by crafting, junking (transforming junk into cool new stuff), staring longingly at fashion mags and dreaming of traveling. At night when I finally crawl into my warm, fluffy bed I destroy whats left of my few precious brain cells with mindless, good for nothing reality TV. It's. So. Good.

I don't have the patience to scrapbook but oddly enough I somehow have the patience to sit here and blog, spending hours writing and tweaking it. I guess it's because I don't have to glue something down to one spot forever. I suppose that’s just a perfect metaphor for my life.

So that's pretty much it. My family, fashion, crafting, travel and reality TV! Thanks for dropping by my blog!



  1. I love the cutout trend, and that black dress is hot!

  2. Love the sheer shirt! Great eye for fashion!!!

  3. Ugh...I can't wait to wear spring dresses and open toed shoes again! :) Great blog!

  4. Oh too! Although it's sunny today (thank god!) it has been snowing here in Ohio for weeks! Snow is piled up everywhere, some much so that I think it'll be around until May! Arrgh.

  5. hmmmmm, I suppose I shouldn't tell ya'll that we are having highs of 60-something, and lots of Florida sunshine!! Nah, I didn't think you'd wanta hear that!!

    Hoping ya'll get some pretty spring weather really soon!!!