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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The $20 thrift challenge

Two blogs that I check out every day are Adored Austin and Jen Loves Kev. Both are personal fashion blogs showcasing what they wear on a day to day basis. Each mixes and matches affordable clothing and thrifted items with a few high end pieces thrown in. Their outfits are unique, stylish, reflective of their personalities and re-inspire me each day to be more creative when dressing.

A large part of their wardrobes come from thrift stores. I marvel at all the cool, unique and super cute pieces they've thrifted and have wanted to give it a go myself but just never acted on it. Occasionally I'll stop into thrift stores to search for vintage items for my Etsy store and to look for cool, funky dresses to add to my vintage dress collection but I've never shopped directly for myself.

This morning, in order to motivate myself to give thrifting a shot, I assigned myself the $20 Thrift Challenge, an amount I somehow deemed a good first time thrifting allotment. I trucked on down to my local thrift store and got to hunting. My trip was a complete success and the results are so exciting. For $17.50 (oh yeah, $2.50 under the budget baby) I purchased 8 tops. Even better yet, four of the shirts I bought were half off making them only $1.50 each and three of them had their original tags on them!

Striped, nautical shirts- Old Navy (had original tag on it), Tommy Hilfiger

Another striped sweater (really into stripes right now), 
kimono shaped shirt (yikes, shoulda ironed it!), 
BCBG tank (original tag on it)

 Cropped peplum jacket (original tag) , vintage sweater (70's I think), 
loved the scarf/bow on the neck of this shirt.

First things first, there are a few things that one must know and get over to become a thrifter:
  • It smells in there. Yeah, I said it. It smells. Not sure what it smells like but it's definitely not fresh. I assume it's all the old, used, unwashed smelly clothes but whatever it is, thrift stores always have a certain smell to them. If you've never been to one before- you'll know it when you smell it.
  • It's not clean. It's a thrift store. This goes hand in hand with "it smells in there". Stuff comes in through the back in garbage bags and boxes and is then dragged, dropped, stepped on and schlepped onto the shelves or on hangers and tossed on the racks.
  • You gotta get past the idea that someone else, someone random, someone maybe smelly, stinky, dirty, hairy, sweaty, weird and creepy wore those clothes. I know. It's tough. I only purchased tops. I just can't do shoes, pants or anything else... just can't do it.

Okay, I know I've totally grossed you out but it's all true. However, an even bigger, better and more exciting truth is that I purchased 8 super cute shirts for only $17.50! It was a fun challenge and definitely got my fashion/style/shopping creativity juices flowing. Now, the next hurdle for me is to see if I actually work these pieces into my wardrobe. I'll keep ya updated! Are any of you thrifters? Take the $20 thrift challenge and send me pics of your favorite finds at!

**I just Googled "thrift store clothing challenge" and up popped a bunch of other gals who did the same thing I did- except they set out to purchase an entire outfit for $20. How fun!
Check 'em out:  Sally Jane Vintage, a thrifty LA life, Premeditated Leftovers, What I Wore 2day, Oh Honey. No. **


  1. I know that smell of which you speak... ha!

  2. LOL!!! You made me spit my coffee out! Hahaha Well that's why they invented Febreeze - and yes I have put a capful of it in the wash when necessary. Great scores though your the bomb!

  3. I've Been meaning to challenge myself to Thrift Shop! I feel the same way about the smell and also about shoes and such lol... Someday! Awesome Finds Btw!

  4. Great job - I'n lovin' stripes too, and you can find an ample supply at the thrift stores. I just started thrifting shoes - only took me 30 years of thrifting to give it a try. Gucci, two pairs of Via Spiga, Steve Madden, and the list goes on, have been added to my wardrobe. Keep up the thrifting and spread the word; it's a great way to go green and save, save, save.

    Thanks for the shout out.


    of a thrifty LA life



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